Pure2Improve Jumping Rope 250cm

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Pure2Improves Jumping Rope is a simple yet effective product which allows you to perform an extremely simple form of workout that keeps you fit so that you can perform better in other physical activities. The cord is very durable and tangle free which present you with an long lasting and durable product.

A great workout for ALL fitness levels. Skipping is a FULL BODY workout! It strengthens your abdominal muscles, stabilises the body, improves coordination and stamina, improves your mental well-being and is a great alternative to traditional cardio. The amazing thing is you can do it anywhere The use of a skipping rope can be done either at home or at the gym.

For smoother and faster swings, the handles of this jumping rope is equipped with ball bearings that help you rotate the rope with less power, also preventing the rope from tangling.

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