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Tipperary Crystal Prestige 72 Piece Cutlery Canteen

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Tipperary Crystal cutlery is all 18/10 quality stainless steel. Similar to the sterling hallmark on fine jewellery, this branding ensures you are getting premium quality cutlery.
The first number ‘18’ refers to the percentage of chrome, added for durability and greater resistance to erosion. The second number ‘10’ refers to the percentage of nickel, used to give flatware a soft sheen similar to silver.
So, when Tipperary Crystal is referred to as 18/10, it has 18% chrome and 10% nickel. Each piece of cutlery has ‘Tipperary 18/10’ stamped onto the body and each knife has Tipperary branded on the blade.

Table Knife x 12
Table Spoon x 12
Table Fork x 12
Tea Spoon x 12
Soup Spoon x 12
Large Serving Spoon x 2
Salad Spoon x 2
Salad Fork x 1
Meat Fork x 2
Gravy Ladle x 1
Soup Ladle x 1
Sugar Tong x 1
Sugar Spoon x 1
Cake Server x 1

Dishwasher safe.

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Weight 5000 g
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