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Atak Hurling Helmet – Red

50.0065.00 inc VAT


High-Density PE Shell

A high-density PE shell that has functionally designed 3 panel geometry with multiple ridges for an increased surface area to displace and deflect impacts. There are also strategically placed air vents for improved air circulation.


Years of development and engineering has gone into making this one of the most lightweight helmets on the market while at the same time preserving the elite level of protection that it provides.

Dual-Density Foam Line

Our specially formulated Dual-Density foam inner lining efficiently disrupts and disperses the energy from the force of an impact by decreasing the amplitude of the shock wave that has managed to penetrate the high density PE outer shell. The foam is shaped and tactfully placed to ensure a highly comfortable fit while keeping the amount of movement of the helmet around the head to a minimum.


The ATAK faceguard offers the maximum field of vision possible while still remaining within the IS355 safety regulations.

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Weight 500 g