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Fitness Mad Neoprene Wrist & Ankle Weights – Pair of 2kg

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With a Velcro and buckle closure providing a snug yet comfortable fit, you can move freely whilst wearing. Ideal for those wishing to increase aerobic intensity and endurance for total body toning. Use at home or at the gym. This pair of Fitness-Mad Neoprene Wrist and Ankle Weights are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable fit while you workout. Want to take your cardio “burn” to the extreme? These 2kg weights are our heaviest pair of wrist and ankle weights that will make you sweat! Ideal if you are used to strength or resistance training, or have used wrist and ankle weights before, to increase intensity while you are walking, jogging, or for aerobic classes. They can be used for rehabilitation under the guidance of a physio or sport therapist too. Also available in 0.5kg and 1kg.

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Weight 4000 g