RDX F6 KARA Head Guard – Black/Pink

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Employ the ultimate protection by integrating the newest RDX head guard into your training. Manufactured using Maya Hide leather, the head guard is not only comfortable but also tick all the boxes on the protection front. Polygonal Fusion MOULD is engaged so that the shock is effectively dissipated. Compressed EVA-LUTION SHEET gives you complete immunity from hooks and jabs while also providing ample ventilation for a sweat-free combat experience. Quick-EZ hook-and-loop is present for a secure fit while simultaneously providing stabilization to the head.

  • Convex Skin leather provides sturdiness and long-lasting durability.
  • Polygonal Fusion MOULD with shock-absorbent padding provides injury-free combat experience.
  • Compressed EVA-LUTION SHEET gives the required immunity from taking any damage
  • Quick-EZ hook and loop provide a convenient fit.
  • 5-8 day delivery

Additional information

Weight 500 g
  • HGR-F6MP
  • Pink
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